Change the Story
Change the World

By hacking the underlying stories that shape our culture, we can transform the crises we are facing into opportunities for real change.  Join the cross-movement culture hack by sharing and re-contextualizing these 8 stories on your social media channels.

Imagination is our most powerful ally

The world is made up of stories. An invisible web of agreements about what is “right” and “wrong”, what is “normal” and “weird”, and what is “possible” and “impossible”. These stories dictate how we behave as individuals, and as societies. And they can be hacked.

Behind every injustice and act of violence lies an (often unspoken) set of assumptions and beliefs about how the world works. And behind every victory for social change lies a person who dared to believe another world was possible. Our lives expand — or contract — depending on the stories we tell ourselves, and we get to choose which world we wish to inhabit by becoming conscious of which stories we want to share, amplify and embody each and every day.

Today, many of the old stories that people used to make sense of the world are falling apart. Fear, confusion and sorrow are widespread in the face of global pandemics.

We do not get to choose the moments we are born into, but we are able to choose how we respond. And as story-makers and culture-hackers, our words and our actions hold incredible power. They are the muscles of hope. We were made for these times.


Return to Better

Every crisis is an opportunity. An opportunity to remember what truly matters in life: connection, compassion, generosity,...


Want to add a story or design?

These are just 8 of the stories that the crises of 2020 have made blaze with truth. Do you have other stories or suggestions? This is a community effort: please get in touch!

And if you are an artist and would like to create an image, collage, illustration, photograph or design to accompany one of the 8 skeleton stories curated here on the site (or another story you feel needs amplifying!), we would love to see your artwork and help promote it across our channels.

The more times a story is told, the more powerful it becomes. Together, we can #BuildBackBetter to create a #NewNormal