Slow is beautiful


As the coronavirus spread across the globe, many of us were offered a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to sloooow down. The frantic rush to work was replaced by unhurried mornings. Lifestyles built upon the need to be in many different places in a single day were swapped with weeks spent in the same spaces. The mentality of do-do-do was replaced with the chance to simply be-be-be.

When we pause, we discover the richness that remains hidden in plain sight if we are rushing around at break-neck speed. We hear birdsong. We notice our loved ones’ smiles. We catch the most spectacular of sunsets. Our brains relax, our hearts wake up, and the things that truly matter in our lives surface from the depths.

It can be hard to sit still, to be truly present to what is — including all the pain and suffering — but there are vast treasures waiting to be discovered by those courageous enough to explore their inner kingdoms. And from a place of stillness, and centeredness, we are able to move through the world in a different way. With more authenticity. Less susceptible to advertising and propaganda. And more connected to that still, quiet voice that is always trying to help us, if only we have the ears to listen.

As humans we often learn best through lived experiences. Through trying something, and discovering its magic. And in doing so, discovering our own magic.

So perhaps Mother Earth pressed the pause button to give us time to experience what a slowed down world feels like, and to realise how easily we could wake up in its arms?


Beautiful questions:

What is your favourite thing about slowing down?

What have you noticed now that we have been invited to take this #GreatPause?

What ‘slow” movements’ (e.g. slow food, slow fashion, slow travel) would like to see given more support?

Artwork by @IrisMaertens

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