Mother Nature ain’t bossy, she’s the boss

Every now and then, Mother Nature reminds us that humanity is not the centre of the universe. That our existence is fragile and subject to the whims of tides and tsunamis, breezes and hurricanes. And that a tiny string of RNA only 29,000 nucleotides long can shut down entire countries, bankrupt oil companies, and keep entire fleets of airplanes on the ground. 

Yet outside, it felt like Mother Earth was issuing a huge sigh of relief. The sky was filled with birdsong, wildflowers took over parking lots, and our cities were transformed from centres of commerce into fantastical menageries — with peacocks spotted on school playgrounds, wild boars grazing in the centre of Barcelona, and leopards, monkeys, coyotes, goats and all manner of other beasties returning to our concrete jungles. 

We share this beautiful, blue speck whizzing through space with countless other creatures — Humans are just one member of #TeamEarth. Living out of sync with Mother Nature can be deadly, but rewilding our lives, our cities, and our imaginations might just be the best hope we have for a thriving Spaceship Earth.


Beautiful questions:

What actions can we take today to ensure that all members of Spaceship Earth enjoy the ride?

What unexpected delights have you encountered with the natural world since lockdown began?

What ideas do you have to help ensure more starry nights, more wildflowers erupting from the soil, and cleaner air in our cities remain, even when lockdown is over?

Artwork by @IrisMaertens

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